Neuer finaler Steam-Client mit Mehrfachinstallation


Der neue finale Steam-Client, den Valve gestern am späten Abend veröffentlicht hat, integriert die Möglichkeit, gleich mehrere Spiele in einem Rutsch zu installieren.

Valve hat den letzten Beta-Client in einen finalen Release umgesetzt und heute an alle Steam-User verteilt. Die Patch-Notes berichten von zahlreichen Fehlerkorrekturen, kleineren Anpassungen bei Farben und von verbesserten Startzeiten des Clients unter Mac OS X, Linux und SteamOS.

Die Patch-Notes wirken zwar sehr ausführlich, verschweigen aber eine sehr hilfreiche Anpassung. So lassen sich nämlich ab sofort auch mit dem finalen Steam-Client gleich mehrere Spiele in einem Rutsch auf dem Rechner installieren. Eine Neuerung, auf die die Community schon seit gefühlt 1872 wartet.

Der Client wird wie immer automatisch heruntergeladen und installiert.


  • Fixed some password entry fields being too short for existing passwords
  • Fixed games being installed to a different Steam Library folder than was indicated in the UI
  • Fixed trade links causing Steam web views to become unresponsive
  • Fixed incorrect scrollbar skins sometimes appearing in web views
  • Fixed blurry text in web views under Windows
  • Fixed a client hang when viewing a Library page with a corrupted workshop thumbnail image

Minor Changes

  • Adjusted colors and other visual details per community feedback
  • Improved handling of suspicious links in chat text
  • Fixed small-mode UI not refreshing when new games are added to the library
  • Fixed some UI selection issues when switching between downloads and games views

Mac OS X, Linux, and SteamOS

  • Fixed frequent client crashes while playing peer-to-peer networking games
  • Fixed client crashes when installing games or apps with many small files
  • Improved client startup time and Steamworks API response time for games

Mac OS X only

  • Fixed overlay compatibility issue with some games
  • Fixed crash when displaying age-check and other dropdown menus in the client
  • Fixed disconnections caused by OS X Mavericks putting Steam into „App Nap“ mode, which prevents Steam from receiving chat and other network messages

Big Picture

  • Fixed daisywheel text entry to continue generating capital letters while holding the left trigger
  • Fixed a failure to capitalize the first word of a line when typing with daisywheel text entry
  • Fixed some small memory leaks and decreased overall memory usage
  • Fixed UI navigation errors in the friends invite panel for some users
  • Fixed some navigation and transition issues in the profile and activity feed

In-Home Streaming

  • Improved software decoder performance when using Intel QuickSync hardware encoding
  • Fixed issue in the Windows DXVA decoder that could cause occasional black screen flashing
  • Added Intel hardware decoding support using VAAPI on Linux and SteamOS. This requires the i386 intel-vaapi-driver package version 1.3.2 or newer to be installed on the client computer. This will be added to SteamOS in an upcoming update.

Virtual Reality Mode

  • Enabled the Virtual Reality Mode menu option in more cases where it appears that the user has used VR before
  • Added an item to the options menu to re-center the UI in front of the user
  • Added error reports to make it easier for users to diagnose VR mode problems